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Robots are we as authors sites either deny access to the entire server or only certain sites. Hiding certain parts of your site before the robot can Thus, for example, avoid duplication of pages to be printed, which can be penalized by search engines. Enhance the security of stored information. There are three different ways of achieved, Using a meta tag best seo services where We can then modify the contents of the parameter content. Index parameter determines a robot that can add to the database page, the opposite would prove parameter no index. This parameter allows the robot to follow to use links that are on page, again, the opposite is best seo company in chennai achieved using no follow.

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Furthermore, we can use the parameter All that allows seo company list in chennai the inclusion or follow links, just the opposite parameter is none. Unfortunately, this method of restricting robot is not very funny. Robot first load the page, parasite its contents and then to find the content of these meta tags. Second adding rel no follow directly to the link, such as index to disable the robot watching this link. The third option is to use a robot.text file. It is a text file using the which we can prevent all robots, or just selected Google bot are robots from Google and UNESCO.

Full access to the server or just to selected parts. Each robot after arriving at the site, it first looks this file and if none can be found, it automatically continues to search Contents this file may look as follows User-agent applies to all robots Disallow/ discussion/ prohibit access to the directory discussion Disallow.doc- prohibit downloading all stand ended. A robot returning to our site, we need to constantly give new information. Which are new articles and texts. Our site navigation must be functional and to any of the sub pages robot was able to go back. Robots are rather static URL than dynamic URL.

Which are complicated and contain several parameters. Evaluation site search engine The quality of the site is one of the aspects on which search engines determine the position in Listing Search SERP- Search Engine Results Page and determined by him and import- unity page. However, it must be noted that it is not the only one. Search engines like Google, The list have their own way of evaluating the quality of the site. Accurate algorithms according to which the calculated individual click here quality assessment pages are not public. Generally, one could say that the calculation of site quality is similar citations in scientific work.

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The more a given work is cited in other publications, it becomes more credible. PageRank- Google uses its exact algorithm is PageRank PR. PageRank is displayed on a scale -, where is the best rating. It receives each page, not the entire site. It can be simplified understood as a network of links pointing to the page, and from the site at which a website to share their PR value as shown in figure Value PR is not permanent, changes over time. We reach the page with the value of PR may It happens that in a month will point.

If you will refer to our website that has a PR and refers only to pages, report to us about the value of PR against that, if we were referred another site which, although PR, but also refers to at other sites, give us only the value. S-Rank takes into account off-page factors. Also, evaluates the links that lead to that page and leaving the site, whether they are pages of the same thematic. If we refer to sites will not help us, but not hurt.